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Tuesday 21 March 2023

Netflix Games: A Major Player in the Mobile Gaming Subscription Space

 Netflix Games: A Major Player in the Mobile Gaming Subscription Space

Netflix, the popular streaming service, has been expanding its offerings beyond movies and TV shows. In November 2021, it launched its gaming service for mobile devices, which is accessible to all paid subscribers without any additional cost. Now, the company is taking things to the next level with plans to launch 40 new games on iOS and Android in 2023. To build its gaming portfolio, Netflix has partnered with game developers such as Ubisoft and Super Evil Megacorp.

While Netflix’s earlier gaming titles were based on its existing content, such as the popular TV show Narcos, the company is now moving towards creating original games unrelated to its movies or TV shows. The upcoming games will increase the number of titles available and help Netflix establish itself as a major mobile games publisher.

Netflix’s Vice President of External Games, Leanne Loombe, has stated that the company is not limiting itself to using games as extensions to its existing streaming content. Instead, Netflix is keen to compete with established players in the gaming subscription space, such as Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass. Additionally, Netflix plans to bring premium titles such as Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2 under its subscription banner.

Netflix Games can be accessed as regular apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and are installed independently of the Netflix app. The Netflix app on iOS or Android can be used to discover games, and users are redirected to the app marketplace to download the game. While the game apps are free to download, users need an active Netflix subscription to play the games. Accessing the games is seamless for users already logged in to the Netflix app on the same device.

Notably, Netflix Games features premium games that are fully unlocked and can be played for free within the subscription service. There are no in-app purchases beyond the cost of the Netflix subscription, similar to how Apple and Google operate their subscription-based gaming services.

For now, Netflix Games is limited to mobile platforms. However, the company has confirmed that it is working on its cloud gaming service, which could bring its games to many more devices beyond smartphones and tablets. Although the company’s immediate plans for gaming will remain focused on mobile platforms, Netflix’s move into gaming represents a significant expansion of its offerings beyond traditional streaming services.

Netflix’s ambitious plans for its gaming service come when the gaming industry is experiencing exponential growth, particularly in the mobile gaming space. Mobile games accounted for 49% of the global gaming market revenue in 2020, and the industry is projected to reach $120 billion in revenue by 2023. Netflix’s move into gaming could help it tap into this lucrative market and diversify its revenue streams beyond traditional movie and TV show subscriptions.

Overall  Netflix’s decision to expand into mobile gaming is a significant development for the company and the gaming industry. With plans to launch 40 new titles in 2023 and partnerships with major game developers, Netflix is taking the gaming world by storm. Its premium games, unlocked and accessible to all paid subscribers, could challenge established gaming subscription services such as Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass. While Netflix’s immediate plans for gaming remain focused on mobile platforms, its foray into the gaming industry is a bold move that could pay off in the long run.

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