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Wednesday 15 March 2023

Android TV Starts Adding User Profiles: What is it?

 Android TV Starts Adding User Profiles: What is it?

Android TV

In recent months, more television manufacturers have shifted towards using Google TV as the operating system for their devices, leaving Android TV behind. However, Google has not completely abandoned its older operating system and has recently introduced a significant update: user profiles.

Certain Android TV users can now view user profiles on the "Discover" home screen design.s. The feature was first spotted by Reddit users who noticed a profile switcher icon in the top-right half of the interface, next to the settings button and time.

To use the user profiles feature, Android TV users can click on their profile icon to see a new page asking them to “choose the primary account for your TV.” The user profile icon will also include options to add and remove accounts. The webpage will also specify that the primary account is utilized for maintaining watchlists and making purchases.

It is important to note that Android TV profiles are not the same as Google TV's user profiles. Unlike Google TV, Android TV has no user switcher that changes the home screen in real time. The user profile interface on Android TV appears to be a new design aimed at assisting users in managing Google accounts associated with the device. It also comes with a few more advanced features.

As Google has started rolling out the new feature only for limited users, more details about it still need to be made available. However, the report suggests that the user profiles in Android TV can be used for YouTube. Instead of building all of its accounts switching into the app, YouTube may integrate with the profile switcher on Android TV OS.

Android TV is the original operating system developed by Google for smart TVs, while Google TV is a skin designed based on Android TV. This skin is like the custom skins that different smartphone brands offer separately, such as OxygenOS and OneUI. When devices like the latest Chromecast models receive new features like a user account switcher, they usually come from Google TV. Meanwhile, Android TV devices, including the Nvidia Shield TV, offer separate experiences for different people using the TV.

Adding user profiles to Android TV is a significant development that brings the operating system in line with its more modern counterpart, Google TV. The feature allows for a more personalized experience for each user, enabling them to access their watchlists and purchases easily. It also provides a step forward in integrating Google's various services, making it easier for users to manage their Google accounts across multiple devices.

Overall, adding user profiles to Android TV is a welcome update for users waiting for a significant improvement to the operating system. As more details about the feature are revealed, it will be interesting to see how users receive it and how it impacts the future of Android TV.

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